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Testifying on Bill C-9

The Senate Committee of Legal and Constitutional Affairs invited the CMLA to testify about Bill C-9 ("An Act to Amend the Judges Act”). We provided specific amendments to improve accountability and public confidence in the judicial system. This specific clip was part of a response to a senator’s question about a former court policy that banned Muslims from appearing before a specific federal judge. Our submissions were very well-received.

Thanks to Husein Panju and Sania Chaudhry for representing the CMLA on this important issue and to all our members for their valuable input.

Watch the CMLA’s full testimony at the following link and timestamps:

📹 Video Link:

🟢 18:15:12 - CMLA’s Opening Statement

🟢 18:36:21 - CMLA’s Responses to the Senators’ Questions

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