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CMLA Member Benefits

  • Access to Canada Wide referral directory of Muslim Lawyers.

  • Opportunity to be involved in emerging public interest advocacy that affects Muslims across Canada. For example, members of our Legal Advocacy Committee have appeared before Senate Subcommittees, addressed breaking issues on television, been involved in public interest appeals and other endeavours.

  • Approached first to be involved in educational endeavours organized by the CMLA - a role which is beneficial for fellow Muslims but also increases visibility and thereby serves as a marketing tool for the presenting lawyer.

  • Access to Internal Listserve with other lawyers in your province and networking opportunities with CMLA members across the country.

  • Access to employment and academic postings. 

  • Access to Free and Reduced tickets for CMLA events and other networking events by CMLA friends.

  • Peer support initiatives, including mentorship programs and articling placement initiatives. 

CMLA Chapters

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