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Statement of Principles

The CMLA supports the Statement of Principles requirement derived from the “Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees Working Group Final Report.”  The CMLA contributed submissions to this study that was established to find ways to combat the long-standing problem of systemic racism in the legal profession.

The Statement of Principles requirement for lawyers is a small but important first step towards improving equality in the profession.

As a result, the CMLA stands in solidarity with our equity group partners from RODA (Roundtable of Diversity Associations) such as SABA, CABL, FACL etc. in opposing the “Groia motion” and any other motion that seeks to either exempt licensees from having a Statement of Principles or watering down its requirements.  You can read RODA’s letter on this here.

The CMLA has prepared an organizational Statement of Principles that reflects our organization’s dedication to promoting human rights.  You may wish to use it as inspiration for your own statement.

——- Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association Statement of Principles 

I am a member of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association (CMLA). I am committed to the protection and advancement of human rights for every person: colleagues, employees, clients and the public. I believe in substantive equality.  I promote diversity and inclusion.  I support reconciliation. I advocate against all forms of discrimination in the legal profession and administration of justice. ——

For more information on how the Statement of Principles requirement was established to address racism in the profession you can visit the link below to observe the debate and vote from December 2, 2016.

We encourage you to attend convocation on December 1, 2017 at the Law Society wherein the motion(s) will be considered. 

We recognize there is much more work to be done to improve equality in our profession, including at the Law Society. We will continue to fight for positive change.

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