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Muslim Legal Mentorship Program!


Next Round of Applications will open in September 2021. For questions please contact

A program brought to you in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Muslim Women in Law

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Looking for lawyers willing to mentor students, NCA graduates and junior lawyers

Conversation in Court


Any lawyer under 5 years, students (including articling student) enrolled in an LLB/JD program, and National Committee Accreditation Graduates

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to get matched?

  • Matches will be made twice a year

  • We will endeavour to ensure that everyone that has applied is matched - however, all matches will depend on the number of mentors that have registered each year.  

  • Depending on the unique needs of the mentee or mentor, it may take additional time to find a suitable mentee/mentor. 


How much time do I have to commit to the program?

  • We encourage mentors and mentees to discuss and determine the type of mentorship relationship they wish to have.  

  • Depending on the needs of the mentee, some mentees may simply want a few questions answered via email while others may wish to speak to their mentor over coffee once a month. 

  • We generally recommend that mentors be willing to commit to a 6-month mentorship relationship but a mentor is free to specify his or her time constraints and the best way to access them (ie. phone, e-mail, Zoom).

  • If at any point the mentor is unable to maintain their time commitment, we encourage the mentor or mentee to contact us so that we may find a more suitable match. 


Can Junior Lawyers act as a mentor?

  • Yes! Junior lawyers may apply to be both a mentor and a mentee. 

  • Junior lawyers wishing to mentor will be paired with a student

  • Junior lawyers seeking a mentee will be paired with a lawyer  5 years plus.

  • We encourage Junior lawyers to sign up to be both a mentor and mentee

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach the Mentoring Coordinators at

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