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The MLSC was initiated by the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association (CMLA) in 2018 in recognition of the lack of culturally competent legal services accessible to the Muslim community. Now a stand a long organization, it focuses on providing summary legal advice through the assistance of volunteer lawyers to the muslim community. Discrimination against the Muslim population in Ontario is on the rise and the intersecting impacts of poverty, racialization and Islamophobia make this diverse population distinctly vulnerable. Islamophobia leads to social stigma, discrimination, hate, as well as targeting by the state, while services and resources to address day-to-day needs are lacking. An understanding of the social context of Muslim identity is desperately needed in order for the legal system to be supportive of this unique community.


  • Connect the community with culturally competent and accessible legal services;

  • Empower the community with legal information;

  • Improve understanding of Muslim identities and Muslim experiences within the legal system through data gathering and research;

  • Increase capacity of the legal sector to provide accessible and equitable legal services to Muslims in Ontario; and   

  • Partner with the legal sector, community organizations, academics, and service providers to identify injustices related to Muslim identity or perceived Muslim identity, and work towards systemic change.

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MLSC Services 

MLSC Provides

  • Legal information and education for the public, community organizations, and service providers; 

  • Referrals for Muslims seeking legal services; and 

  • Summary legal advice on legal issues and discrimination related to individuals’ Muslim identity or perceived Muslim identity.  

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